Project X10 Pathology was born with the specific intent to cut time and costs of blood tests, wich increased in last years.

The objective is, after the ESR test, to offer the physician more precise information about the type of disease identified, thanks to the erythrocyte sedimentation rate.


It is common knowledge that laboratory data are valuable channels through which to retrieve information about diseases and thus they have a precise role in the diagnostic process.

When the physician who is responsible for your anamnesis has doubts, he can prescribe one or more tests to find out what is wrong. A thorough, objective test along with precise laboratory data may help to identify a specific disease.

However, over the last years the number of tests prescribed has increased enormously leading to increased costs for the Health Care sector. Indeed, The Italian Organization of Internal Medicine (SIMI) estimates that out of the 64 million annual specialized medical examinations, amounting to a total cost of one billion euros, 20% of the tests are not strictly necessary.

Besides, often physician need more than one test to diagnose the right disease.

diagnostic solution


Here X10 Pathology can bring an important help. The non-specific index of a disease, particularly during its acute phases, is measured through the erythrocyte sedimentation rate in the plasma where red blood cells are suspended. X10 Pathology is able to read the speed of the erythrocyte sedimentation and transform this non-specific index into specific data, expressed in the form of curves in an easy, fast and inexpensive way.

By measuring the speed of the erythrocyte sedimentation with a millesimal resolution, this device constructs curves which indicate with great precision the disease groups which include the disease of the person tested.

The curves plotted by X10 Pathology refer directly to different disease groups; these curves also refer to the aggregation of cells at the time of rouleaux formation and also to the speed of the cells (ex. fig. two subjects affected by Lymphoma (1) e Leukemia (2) ).


In this way, simply by reading curves that X10 Pathology produces, physician can write a correct and fast diagnosis, with a considerable reduction of costs.

The device

The acquisition of technologically advanced products, along with technical competence, have been crucial to the project which is also supported by hardware and software that have allowed us to create the prototype of the initial models.

X10 Pathology is a product based on innovation and feasibility. It is likely to mark an historic turning point since it will be in a position to offer physicians improved technology and assistance. This, by respecting those parameters that have been neglected in the recent past.


X10 Pathology is a new technological device for data retrieval operating with millesimal resolutions. During cell separation, X10 Pathology is able to retrieve data that is particularly relevant in the identification of various diseases that the tested samples are affected by, and also relevant to the monitoring of the treatment process.

Caratteristiche tecniche

Analysis capacity 8 tubes individually measured in terms of time and position
Measuring time 10 minutes, which includes the conversion into Westergren values and a concise indication of the presumed disease
Reading time intervals one every 3 seconds, which can be increased for specific diseases
Reading mode static
Display LCD screen with backlight and 40 characters
Interface RS 232 serial port
Print Sedimentation curve with 300 reading points that can be printed out
Power supply 240V / 110V – 50/60Hz ac with 9 V cc rectifier

Current development of the prototype and further steps

ospedale san raffaele milano

We are currently testing the method for scientific validation at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, where 5 prototypes were created for experimentation to be carried out in future medical sectors.

In order to continue with experimentation, public funds were raised and various institutions have been contacted.

The method has been patented and further developments are under investigation such as packaging, test tubes and stirrers.

Further planned steps concern:

  • Raising funds for the development of an advanced version of X10 Pathology
  • Raising funds for the production and marketing of the device
  • Cooperation with foreign corporations to implement testing and to commercialize the device

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