Grademi Biotech is an innovative startup from Bologna, which is developing a revolutionary blood testing method, called X10 Pathology. This method, developed in cooperation with a researcher from Milan, is based on the erythrocyte sedimentation rate, which is able to offer precise information about the disease of the sample tested.

Grademi decided to develop this method because over the last years the number of tests prescribed has increased enormously, leading to increased costs for the Health Care sector.

Are working on project:

  • Graziella Gaddoni, Managing Director
  • Adelio Missaglia, Technical manager
  • Manuel Dileva, Sales & Marketing
  • Mirco Fantini, Account Manager

The method has been patented and further developments are under investigation such as hardware design, test tubes and stirrers.

Further steps concern cooperation with foreign corporations to implement testing and to commercialize the device.

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