Grademi Biotech

grademi biotechGrademi Biotech is developing a patented device, X10 Pathology, to enhance the diagnostic value of erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) testing.

The ESR is a widely used non-specific blood test for inflammation, used to help support the diagnosis of a wide range of diseases and monitor therapy. X10 Pathology correlates ESR rate in plasma to specific disease states creating new functionality and dramatically improved performance. This allows: more rapid and specific disease diagnosis; reduced need for additional diagnostic testing and improve disease monitoring. The X10 Pathology is undergoing validation testing at a leading hospital in Italy.

This method has the following advantages:

  • High resolution results and fast disease identification
  • Continuous and easy monitoring of the pathological condition
  • Massive reduction in health costs
  • Fast assessment of treatment efficacy
  • Fewer necessary tests, thus saving time
  • Revaluation of the physician’s image

The X10 Pathology project aims to give the user the opportunity to meet the fundamental requirement of each test:

  • Accuracy is subject to the repetition of the results in the same sample.
  • Diagnostic sensitivity is related to the resolution of the representation of the results.
  • Diagnostic specificity is related to determining the diagnosis.
  • Treatment specificity is related to therapy monitoring.

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